Take Action

Our Journey for Collective and Coordinated Action

Our foundational actions and associated activities are designed to move us through a deepening journey of shared learning and activities that will build momentum and achieve impact over time. Your first step on this journey is to submit the JOIN the Coalition form to receive information about upcoming training opportunities.

Essentials to Get Started

What are pillars and pillar actions?

Pillars represent the various groups of individuals or organizations by type (individual practitioners, payers, societies, or hospital, pharma, biotech, and research organizations), and pillar actions are the set of practical actions we've customized for each group. These suggested actions are aimed to get you started on the journey to achieving health equity. Taking action can be a self-directed journey, or for organizations, this will be a collaborative process within your internal teams. In either case, we will share resources, training opportunities, and make connections to support your process in various ways.

What are the pillar activities?

These are an initial set of specific and high-impact activities you may choose to work on yourself, or within your organization. Each list is a subset of “starter” actions and activities. Additional actions and activities will be released over time as individuals and organizations progress in their journey.

How can I and/or my organization participate and contribute?

Find the most relevant pillar below for you or your organization, and click on the first action to get started.


Can I see the full list of actions and activities?

To request access to the full list of actions and activities planned, please email us at [email protected] and include your name, organization, and reasons for requesting early access.

How can I and/or my organization share and align our existing work with the coalition?

If you haven’t already, start by joining our community. In the coming months, we will be creating additional pathways and opportunities for you and others across the ecosystem to connect, share, collaborate, innovate, and learn from one another.

Where can I learn more?

Our Resources page can help you find more information.