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Individual Practitioners

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1. Commit to Acting for Equity

Committing to equity as a core mission of your work in health care is a critical first step toward building a community of aligned people and organizations. We can offer you support to get started on your journey.
Commit to Acting for Equity


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Be a proactive force for equitable health care and enroll in our Individual Practitioners Peer Affinity Group: Crucial Conversations on Equity in Healthcare. This program provides healthcare practitioners with the resources and tools necessary to develop anti-racist practices that promote equitable healthcare for all. Participants can be nurses, physicians, social workers, medical assistants, community health workers, therapists, and other practitioners. The format will consist of six monthly 90-minute group calls with discussions, expert guest speakers, and peer group breakout sessions; June-November 2024. 

Content Highlights:

  • Explore structural racism in healthcare
  • Build a foundation in equity principles
  • Interpret data through an equity lens
  • Reflect on your own equity journey
  • Apply equity concepts to your work
  • Connect with peers for support and collaboration

Continuing education credits for this program are still being finalized and will be offered shortly.


Registration Link: https://ihi-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZItcO-uqT4vGdaPZSWgNfThKHE4K8rqPL3L

Enroll Today! 

If you are unable to attend the info call this month, please contact Amy Arrington: a[email protected]


2. Getting Grounded in History & Your Local Context

Get grounded in our collective history of racism and other inequities present in your environment.
Get grounded in history and local context


• Provide educational and professional development opportunities that equip health care professionals to advance racial justice and health equity

3. Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

Work with your local team to identify inequities present in your work that matter to marginalized people who are being harmed.
Identify opportunities for improvement


• Identify and report inequities in patient care using a patient safety/sentinel event mechanism at your institution or externally