Scaling Up: Ensuring Tenderloin Parks are Safe and Active


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"The Tenderloin, spread over 40 blocks, is home to nearly 35,000 residents comprised of families, children, single adults, artists, seniors, newly-arrived immigrants, and many living without a home. All are accepted in this neighborhood. Nearly 70% of residents are people of color and the richness in diversity of every resident reflects the resilience it takes to make ends meet.

San Francisco is touted as a leader in technological innovation, with a median income of $96,265. However, the median income of the Tenderloin is $30,365 and 35% of households make incomes less than $15,000 a year. There are vast health disparities affecting the neighborhood, including limited access to open space. The Tenderloin has only 9.1 acres of open space, or the equivalent of one yoga mat of open space per resident.

This is the story of how TLHIP formed a SCALE Team to address inequities in the Tenderloin neighborhood."

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  • Diet and exercise

  • Child health and wellbeing

  • Housing and homelessness

  • Equity

  • Equity: Racism

  • Equity: Stigma

  • Equity: Place

  • Equitable

  • Health-promoting

  • Population-centered

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  • Broader community

  • Childhood 0-18

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