Leadership Skills that Create Communities of Solutions


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"When we learn and use the "Community of Solutions" leadership skills, we develop behaviors, processes and systems that result in improved population health, well-being and equity.

With the support of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Healthy Northern Kennebec (HNK) coalition in Waterville, Maine, participated in the 100 Million Healthier Lives "Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation" (SCALE) initiative from 2015 – 2019. The SCALE initiative helped our community achieve unprecedented success in addressing social determinants of health, promoting health equity, and accelerating our journey toward a Culture of Health, using this "Community of Solutions" framework.

We believe that confident, connected, collaborative, and caring community leaders will create a culture of health for all. The Healthy Northern Kennebec coalition shares leadership tools at each monthly meeting, at our annual planning meeting, and even at community celebrations!

In 2018, HNK joined with partner organizations serving the Kennebec Valley to scale up these leadership concepts and skills to even broader audiences, including the health, education, social service, business, economic development, labor, arts, and faith communities. Together with Waterville community members who have lived experience, we co-designed a series of three day-long leadership workshops that were free and open to the public. About 150 emerging leaders from our Central Maine region learned and practiced the leadership skills described below."

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Communities of solutions ,





  • Family and social support

  • Diet and exercise

  • Mental health and wellness

  • Transportation

  • System change: Community transformation

  • Equity

  • Equity: Racism

  • Equitable

  • Population-centered

  • In partnership

  • Interpersonal (between people)

  • Community/place

  • Broader community

  • Childhood 0-18

  • Infancy Birth to 1

  • Early childhood 0-5

  • Junior youth 13-15

  • Youth 16-24

  • Adults 18+

  • Adults 18-44

  • Adults 45-64

  • Older adults 65+

  • Older adults 65-74

  • Older adults 75-85

  • All ages

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