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Do you, your community, or organization have a resource to share with the field? Click below to access the Change Library Wiki Page on the NEW 100MLives Collaborative Platform, which includes submission guides that explain how to submit a resource.


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Why Submit a Resource to the Change Library?

The Change Library helps change makers share both the things that work and the things that don’t work to improve health, wellbeing, and equity for people and communities. By submitting your stories, tools, and bright spots in the Change Library, many other people across sectors and around the world will be able to learn from your community's experiences as they create change where they are. By making our work visible to one another, we hope to accelerate the journey to a Culture of Health, wellbeing, and equity for change makers worldwide. We invite you to share the following:


  • Tools can be toolkits, guidelines/recommendations, websites, applications (apps), articles, reports, books—or any other resource—that help support the implementation of community health improvement in any sector(s), e.g., education, business, health care, transportation, etc. 

  • Stories describe the journey of a person, organization, coalition, or community. They can be stories of personal transformation; stories that offer insight into the journey to health, wellbeing, and equity; or stories about a “fail forward” moment—one where a mistake or failure led to significant growth and learning.

  • Bright spots are specific practices, policies, or programs that have demonstrated significant, meaningful, measurable improvement. They may be early successes related to something that has worked well in your community or organization—a possible bright spot—or a success that has spread or scaled up across a region or country with significant results and is accepted as evidence-based practice. 


Submitting a Resource

Like an academic journal, your submission is reviewed by peers and experts in the field. Unlike for a traditional journal, the Change Library bright spot submissions focus on the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to implement a change. How long did it take?  What details do you need to apply this change successfully? What were the “fail forward” or learning elements?

After you have submitted a resource to the Change Library, you will receive an email from the site confirming that your submission was received. Your submission will be reviewed within a three-month time frame. Accepted resources will be published in a six-month time frame. Potential outcomes include:

  • Accepted

  • Accepted with minor revisions requested

  • Significant revisions requested

  • Not accepted at this time

In all cases, your submission information stays on the Change Library submission site, where feedback from reviewers will be available. Resources that are not immediately accepted may be re-submitted at any time.