Stewarding Regional Health Transformation: A Guide for Changemakers



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Transforming our regional health means whole-scale redesign and integration of all the forces that support health and wellbeing. To truly redesign local systems for radically better health, care, and economic prosperity in their regions, members of collaborative leadership teams must establish high aspirations and steward a change effort through distinct phases of transformation. They must create the long-term structures for active engagement of all the relevant participants, including residents, in stewarding shared resources.

This Stewardship Guide is meant to help individual leaders and multisector collaborations create and sustain successful stewardship structures and change processes to lead regional transformation. It is meant for those who are looking to redesign their systems of health for radically better performance, creating and achieving a transformed system that will help individuals, families, and neighborhoods thrive with better health, lower costs, increased access to care, and improved equity and productivity for all. Stewardship teams are groups of well-positioned leaders who are willing and able to take responsibility for improving their whole health system, and who lead together on behalf of that system, not just their own organizations. They look different in every community, and often include leaders from health care, public health, community organizations, business, insurers, philanthropy and nonprofits, social services, transportation, housing, and education.

This Guide will help you:
1) Bring to the table the right kind and mix of leaders to act together as stewards of a change process
2) Establish shared values and elevate aspirations for better health
3) Engage residents in stewardship functions for the long run
5) Encourage individuals to step outside their own organizational boundaries
6) Design and lead stewardship teams that develop the legitimate authority to steer the system
7) Build stewardship structures for the long haul and adapt them over time as the effort progresses
8) Anticipate the challenges that will arise from progress and act collaboratively to address them.

This Guide contains: - Video presentations that explain how regional transformation efforts make progress (available online) - Tools for individuals and stewardship teams to build and sustain momentum over time - Case studies and video examples (available online) of leaders and regional stewardship groups who are leading change in their systems.

Stewarding Regional Health Transformation: A Guide for Changemakers (Nov 2015) Created by ReThink Health.

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Population Health, Regional, Stewarding, Rethink

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  • System change: Public health transformation

  • Health System Transformation Oasis

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  • Portfolio 3 (Improving community health and well-being together with partners for a specific issue)

    ​​​​In this portfolio, health care organizations work together with community partners to improve specific health and wellbeing outcomes for a place-based population.

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  • Stewardship

    ​​​​​​Resources to help organization-wide leadership, governance, and board engagement around what improves health, wellbeing, and equity in the community, that recognizes the importance of a shared vision on social drivers and the community as an asset.

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