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"PP4H uses health improvement tools and methods to support healthy living in the Proviso Township. In addition to healthy living and access to healthy foods, a long term aim is economic development and job creation through initiatives. Proviso Township contains about 150,000 people, and is approximately 10 miles west of center-city Chicago with three high schools. The area is segregated by wealth and other social determinants of health. At one of the largest high schools in the Township, the amount spent per student is the least of all the communities in the area. This neighborhood also includes unemployment rates at an all-time high, graduation rates that are below 40% and an obesity rate that is twice the national average. Nevertheless, there are a wealth of assets in our community and the coalition has helped bridge the gap between the hospital, schools and the community to build partnerships in order to leverage existing assets and resources."

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  • Education

  • Diet and exercise

  • Health-promoting

  • Proactive

  • Community/place

  • Neighborhood

  • Social services

  • Childhood 0-18

  • Infancy Birth to 1

  • Early childhood 0-5

  • Junior youth 13-15

  • Youth 16-24

  • Adults 18+

  • Adults 18-44

  • Adults 45-64

  • Older adults 65+

  • Older adults 65-74

  • Older adults 75-85

  • All ages

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