Kershaw County: Youth on Fire to Build a Healthier Today


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"Living well starts with good health across the community. This is the premise fueling the LiveWell Kershaw Coalition, an initiative led by the Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County and is funded through Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas (an initiative of The Duke Endowment) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as a SCALE 2.0 community.

LWK was founded by a group of community members interested in using data to guide action aimed at addressing the health issues faced by the residents of Kershaw County. Today, LWK works to foster collaboration between citizens of all ages, working in partnership with public and private sector organizations and schools to increase community awareness of health issues. The goal is to improve access to quality healthcare and encourage the people of Kershaw County to take ownership of the health of the whole county, acting together to reduce chronic disease and obesity among the members of the community.

LWK is moving the needle on population health in Kershaw County through co-designed solutions to improved well-being in high school youth."

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  • Education

  • Diet and exercise

  • Sexual activity

  • Access to care

  • Mental health and wellness

  • System change: Public health transformation

  • System change: Community transformation

  • System change: Policy transformation

  • Equity

  • Equity: Racism

  • Equity: Stigma

  • Equitable

  • Health-promoting

  • Population-centered

  • Proactive

  • In partnership

  • Interpersonal (between people)

  • Organization

  • Community/place

  • Policy/system

  • School

  • Faith community

  • Neighborhood

  • Broader community

  • Childhood 0-18

  • Junior youth 13-15

  • Youth 16-24

  • Adults 18+

  • Adults 18-44

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