Healthy Monadnock: A Homegrown Community Health Improvement Journey


Detailed Description

"Healthy Monadnock (HM) started in 2007 as a community engagement initiative with a bold mission to become the healthiest community in the nation by the year 2020. Located in the southwestern-most corner of New Hampshire serving 108,000 rural residents in 33 municipalities presents unique challenges; yet, HM surprises many outsiders with the comprehensive community health improvement efforts in the region

In 2015, our region created yet another perfect plan - our first Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Modeling our plan after our State plan, we identified a number of priority areas that were mostly negative health outcomes or behaviors, such as tobacco use, obesity, and substance misuse. However, this CHIP did not exactly coincide with our community-made HM plan...

We knew that there was still much to learn about community health improvement, so we were eager to do the best that we could for our community. "

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Healthy ,

Public health


Community health


  • Income

  • Family and social support

  • Diet and exercise

  • Mental health and wellness

  • System change: Public health transformation

  • Equity

  • Effective

  • Equitable

  • Health-promoting

  • Population-centered

  • In partnership

  • Interpersonal (between people)

  • Community/place

  • Culture

  • Neighborhood

  • Social services

  • Broader community

  • Childhood 0-18

  • Infancy Birth to 1

  • Early childhood 0-5

  • Junior youth 13-15

  • Youth 16-24

  • Adults 18+

  • Adults 18-44

  • Adults 45-64

  • Older adults 65+

  • Older adults 65-74

  • Older adults 75-85

  • All ages

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  • Region (spanning several counties and/or towns)

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