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Detailed Description

Older people are more likely to fall which can cause serious injury. The causes of falls in the elderly include muscle weakness, poor balance and vision, lack of confidence at moving about and the effect of medication. Many studies have shown Tai Chi as being one of the most effective approaches for preventing falls. The purpose of the Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention Program is to prevent falls as well as improve health and the quality of life of older individuals through use of Tai Chi.

Expected Outcomes

Reduction in the number of falls in the older population Improved mobility Improved coordination and balance


Tai Chi, Seniors, Exercise, Falls prevention

Cost Details

Cost details may vary depending upon the organization.

Key Steps for Implementation

Training and/or Tai Chi instructor certification

Required Staffing (FTEs)

The number of FTEs are variable depending upon the organization

Special Infrastructure

The Institute represents all certified instructors/leaders of the Tai Chi for Health programs, it is administered by a director and a governing board consisting of master and senior trainers, instructor, participant (or student) and nominated expert/s. The Institute is a registered non-profit organization in the state of New South Wales, Australia


Training is available at the Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) Senior and Master training available Although the face to face workshop is usually open to everyone, but to be a certified instructors/leaders must fulfilled these 4 requirements. Except for the program Tai Chi for Back Pain, you must be a Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor or leader to qualify.

1. Have one of the following qualifications: Tai Chi teacher, Advanced Tai Chi Student Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist, Health Professional (nurse, doctors, and traditional therapist), Accredited/Certified Exercise Instructor, Nurse Certified Allied Health Assistants Other similar qualification

2. Have completed the preparation prior to the workshop and prepare to update your certificate every two years.

3. Attended an Instructors/Leaders; Training workshop by Dr. Lam or his authorized master trainers and met the requirements to be a safe and effective teacher, as well as pass a written test.

4. Hold a current certificate of an accredited first aid course or similar qualification e.g. RN or MBBS. For Australian only: agree to use the title "Instructor” only if you are a currently qualified AKWF instructor; otherwise you should use the title "Leader” in relation to teaching this program

Types of Staff

Health Clinicians (Ex. Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists), Tai Chi Instructors

Return on Investment Details

Arthritis Foundation USA

Outcome Measures

  • Improved balance
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved muscular strength

Process Measures

Number of fall injuries

Additional Resources

  • "Fall Prevention" Tai Chi for Health for Fall Prevention
  • "Instructor Program" How To Become An Instructor
  • "Tai Chi" What is Tai Chi?

Key Contacts

Dr. Paul Lamm, Director


Raymond Tang Ching Lau, Chair


Hazel Thompson, Chief Operating Officer


  • Diet and exercise

  • Business/industry

  • Public health




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  • Broader community


To be determined

  • Older adults 65+

Geographic Context
  • Not applicable

Geographic Unit
  • City/Town

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