Motivating Adolescents with Technology to Choose Health (MATCH)


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Detailed Description

MATCH is a teacher-developed interdisciplinary approach to student wellness combining physical activity, nutrition, and technology education. MATCH lessons are delivered over a 16-week period and are designed to parallel the seventh grade North Carolina Standard Course of study. Students are involved in activities and lessons across the curriculum to reinforce key concepts and develop a "knowledge base' resulting in behavior modification for successful management of weight control, disease prevention, and optimal health.

Expected Outcomes

Improved performance on End of Grade Reading, Math, Writing, and Computer Skills Test Successful management of weight control

Key Principles

Aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of study


Nutrition, Schools, Exercise, Wellness, Adolescents

Cost Details

Training Student Workbooks

Key Steps for Implementation

Aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of study


Variable depending upon the organization

Required Staffing (FTEs)

Variable depending on the organization


Please contact MATCH for more information about training

Types of Staff

Physical Education Teacher Health Educator

Return on Investment Details

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Public Schools of North Carolina East Carolina University

Outcome Measures

Improved health and fitness, Improved BMI, Improved goal setting skills

Process Measures

Fitness testing|Behavioral assessment, BMI calculations

Additional Resources

MATCH Website Modeled after CDC Coordinated School Health Program Follows a Train the Trainer Model Web-based Management System for Administration, Curriculum, Timeline, Training, and Data Management Student Workbook constructed using brain-based learning strategies Behavior modification based on Social Cognitive Theory

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Key Contacts

Tim Hardison


  • Diet and exercise

  • Child health and wellbeing

  • Education

  • Public health


1-2 years


Moderately challenging



  • Individual/family

  • School


To be determined

  • Junior youth 13-15

Geographic Context
  • Urban/large city

  • Suburban

  • Small town

  • Village

  • Rural

Geographic Unit
  • State

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